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Everything You Need To Know About Vacation & Second Insurance To Protect Your Property And Family

At Rogue Risk, we help homeowners “Win” the insurance game with their vacation and second home insurance by not just reducing their personal insurance premiums, but the Total Cost of Risk.

Our proprietary vacation and second home insurance program will help you free up cash flow that can back into your pocket (or spend on upgrading your home).

The good news is, our process is simple and straightforward. Get a quote today and let us show you.

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Vacation Home Insurance: Three Things You Must Consider

If you’re like most of our clients here at Rogue Risk, you probably enjoy spending time at your vacation home more than your primary.

As most vacation homeowners spend weeks, not years in their vacation properties it doubly important to make sure you’re covered by insurance for both standard and catastrophic losses.

When looking to buy a vacation or second home (or properly insure an existing property), there are three items you must consider:

  1. Insurance Carrier Selection – Make sure your insurance is placed with a top-rated carrier that actually writes vacation and homes. We pick up many new clients because they’ve had a loss at a vacation home that wasn’t covered because their insurance carrier didn’t cover second homes. Choosing the right carrier will also keep your premiums as low as possible.
  2. Home-Sharing or Short-Term Rentals – Many vacation homeowners have turned to home-sharing as a way to pay for their property. If the property is a full-time rental, then you’ll need Airbnb insurance, otherwise, there are coverage endorsements most insurance carriers offer on vacation homes to cover occasional home-sharing exposure.
  3. Time Away From Property – Most insurance carriers have specific guidelines around vacancy when it comes to vacation and second homes. There are carriers that will accept six months or more of vacancy and there are other carriers that don’t want more than 5 to 8 weeks of vacancy.

If you’re with the wrong insurance agent that doesn’t understand these nuances, you can find yourself in trouble during a claim. 

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Vacation Home Insurance Carriers

We are very selective in the home insurance carriers we choose to partner with at Rogue Risk. Not all insurance carriers are created equal. Our clients are placed with only the best homeowners and rental property insurance companies, that show up when there is a claim. Here are a few of the partner carriers we choose to place our clients with…

Safeco landlord insurance
Nycm landlord insurance
Chubb workers comp
Hanover airbnb insurance
Guard insurance

We Built An Entirely New Insurance Process Tailored To Your Unique Needs As An Vacation Homeowner

The Fastest Way To Get Home Insurance.

Researching and comparing vacation home insurance can take weeks. With Rogue Risk, you enter basic information about your property and get a custom quote in minutes not days.

Cash Flow Friendly And Affordable Home Insurance.

You bought your vacation home to enjoy life. You certainly don’t want to see that hard-earned cash get burned up by insurance premiums. Coverage is paramount, but we pride ourselves on always getting the best price possible for our clients.

Insurance Tailored To Your Specific Property.

We use over 15 years of industry experience and machine-learning to recommend and explain which vacation home insurance policies and coverage limits best suit your needs. You save time and won’t pay for insurance you don’t need.

Top-Rated Carriers That Cover A Vacation Home Like Yours.

Not all insurance carriers want or even know how to cover vacation homes. At Rogue Risk we’ve partnered with 15+ carriers that want to write home insurance and provide great coverage at an even better price.

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