Rogue Risk is Now Powered by SIAA

We're excited to announce that on April 1st, 2022, Rogue Risk Partnered with SIAA.

....and we couldn't be happier!

By integrating into the SIAA family of companies, Rogue Risk will now be able to fully execute our mandate of building the first "Human-optimized" digital independent insurance agency.

Rogue Risk Now Powered by SIAA (1)

The "Human-Optimized" Insurance Agency

It has always been our belief at Rogue Risk that humans, the living breathing professionals who dedicate their careers to protecting families and businesses across the US, are the true competitive advantage in every independent insurance agency.

But the world is changing, becoming faster, more digital, and unfortunately less personal. Humans are being replaced by algorithms, expertise is replaced by expediency, and ultimately the customer suffers.

 This is why, when we founded Rogue Risk in March of 2020, we set out to build an insurance business capable of providing the modern digital customer experience backed by the hallmark trust and expertise of traditional independent agencies.

We call this, "Human-optimized."

The "No Ceiling" Insurance Career

Rogue Risk isn't just a new model for the insurance customer experience, it's also an entirely new way of building your insurance career.

It has always been our goal to give insurance professionals the opportunity to take their insurance career as far as they want, without unnecessary political or ideological roadblocks.

Your name shouldn't have to be on the outside of the building in order to build a career you're proud of, challenged by, and makes all your wildest dreams come true. 😉

We call this a "No Ceiling" insurance career. As a producer or client success associate with Rogue Risk, you are given the training, tools, and support to go as far as you want.

Want to be a big-time producer... awesome.

Want to own your own agency... amazing.

Want to take over the insurance world... tremendous.

We're here to help and with SIAA's help, this mission is now possible.

Learn more about the "No Ceiling" Insurance Career.

What Makes SIAA so Awesome?

Good question. Here are a few of the reasons the team here at Rogue Risk is so jacked up about joining the SIAA family:

Commitment to Independent Channel

SIAA is committed to the creation, growth, retention, and especially the EVOLUTION of independent agencies for over 39 years.

And they're not only focused on growing independent agencies but also on growing the independent agency distribution channel. 

Size to Scale

SIAA is ranked number one in Insurance Journal’s Top 20 Agency Partnerships in their 2021 annual Top 100 Report. The annual ranking of networks is based on total property/casualty revenue from the previous year.

With over $10.8 Billion in total written premium, SIAA is the #1 alliance of independent insurance agencies – powered by 48 regional Master Agencies across the United States.

Servant Leadership

SIAA shares our core value of servant leadership. Starting at the top with Matt Masiello, CEO of SIAA, 30-year plus veteran of the independent agency channel, and spreads throughout not just the leadership team but the entire organization including the 40 plus master agencies in the SIAA network.

Insurance is a people business, in all aspects.  People create culture, people deliver value and people create change. This shared value was a big part of our decision to join SIAA.

Learn more about SIAA here.

The Rub

Rogue Risk plus SIAA is an undeniable 1+1=3 scenario.

Despite our success, Rogue Risk, in every capacity, is just getting started. SIAA provides us the experience, support, and resources to maximize the true potential of a digital, "Human-optimized" independent insurance agency.

Giddy up.

Yours in insurance,

Ryan Hanley
President, Rogue Risk