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Reducing your insurance premiums is only the beginning

RogueRisk365® puts you in a position to “Win” the insurance game.

By focusing not just on reducing insurance premiums, but Total Cost of Risk, our clients create a sustainable safety culture that cuts costs and frees up cash flow that belongs in their bank account, not with an insurance company. Here are a few of our services:

  • Experience Mod Audit
  • Market Analysis & Placement
  • Premium Audit Review
  • 24/7 HR Hotline
  • Handbook & Document Building
  • e-Learning Platform
  • 24/7 Injury Nurse Triage Hotline

Getting Started

1) Experience Mod Audit & Review​

Your Experience Mod Factor is the only tool you have to control your worker’s comp premiums.

Do you know if an incorrect experience mod is costing you money and if so, how much?

Here are five reasons why an audit is necessary to lower your worker’s comp premiums:

  • See how much you are overspending on Workers’ Comp insurance premiums
  • Validate the accuracy of your mod – most mods contain invalid data that is costing your company money.
  • Break down claims data and make it easy to understand
  • Receive a detailed report and action steps for how to fix your problem areas
  • Benchmark your performance against your peers (in your home state and nationally).

There is no reason you shouldn’t get your Experience Mod Audit & Review today.

2) Market Analysis & Placement

While other insurance agencies quote and pray, at Rogue Risk we work with you and our carrier partner underwriters to determine who wants the business and who is going to have the most competitive price for the correct coverage.

It sounds counterintuitive but spraying the market with “Quotes” actually INCREASES the cost of your insurance.

Underwriters don’t believe they have a good shot at winning the business so they don’t give you the most competitive rates.

We value the relationship we have with our carriers and work hard to make sure they present you with their best offer for insurance coverage.

3) Premium Audit Review

A worker’s comp premium audit is the examination of a policyholder’s financial and payroll records after the expiration of a policy.

This process is done to determine the accuracy of the estimated premium when the policy was started. The actual premium basis and class code exposures are reconciled after the policy expiration and measured against the estimates used to establish the original earned premium for the policy.

A year-end final audit is really a verification of the payroll and subcontractor exposure to determine the final premium to be charged since the original quote was based on estimated payroll only.

At Rogue Risk, we find over 65% of companies’ initial premium audits are incorrect.

The RogueRisk365® examines our clients premium audit for errors and overcharges to make sure you are NEVER overpaying for your workers compensation insurance.

4) 24/7 HR Hotline

RogueRisk365® clients have access to a FREE on-demand 24/7 resource for all their HR questions and needs.

This serves many benefits for our clients including:

  • Extension of Your HR Department (whether you have one or not).
  • Trusted HR Guidance for All Employee Related Issues
  • Peace of Mind Your Making Sound HR Decisions

We give our clients access to both phone and email HR support whenever they need it.

5) Handbook & Document Building

A well-written and comprehensive employee handbook has so many benefits, both to the employer and staff.

An employee handbook introduces new hires to the company culture, mission and values. When people start a new job, they want to know what makes their employer unique and how they can fit in.

The employee handbook also sets clear rules and guidelines, so that employees know what their boss expects from them, and alternatively, what they should expect from managers. The handbook is also one of your clients’ most important tools in ensuring compliance with labor laws and helps to protect the business in the event of an employee claim.

RogueRisk365® clients get access to our proprietary Handbook & Document Builder program which makes the process of creating an employee handbook easy (think minutes) and simple.

6) e-Learning Platform

As a RogueRisk365® client, you and your entire team get access to our e-Learning Platform which provides exclusive training tailored to your business.

This included Sexual Harassment Prevention Training approved in New York State.

Instead of sending your employees to expensive training programs or hiring an attorney to come in and administer sexual harassment training, your employees now have a mobile-friendly platform at their disposal they can use at the most convenient time.

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7) 24/7 Injury Nurse Triage Hotline

As the rise of workers’ compensation costs continue to increase, workplace safety and claim management are critical for the success of any business.

Implementing a Nurse Triage Injury Hotline can drastically reduce both direct and indirect costs associated with injuries at work.

A nurse triage program puts injury management at the front of the claims process, helping to reduce workers’ compensation claims and expense over time. Here are few of the primary benefits:

  • Easy access to medical advice.
  • Address injury quicker.
  • Outside outlet for employees.

Why RogueRisk365?

RogueRisk365® is why we started this insurance agency.

We want to be MORE for our clients.

  • More proactive.
  • More accessible.
  • More valuable.
Because it’s possible and it’s the right thing to do.
Rogue Risk 365
For too long, business owners have been taken advantage of by insurance professionals. 
The bar for what is acceptable in terms of service, communication, ease of business, risk management, and pricing has been set so low, business owners don’t expect more.
RogueRisk365® is a program designed to change the relationship between the business owner and insurance agent from a transaction to a partnership.
Partnership is how we all win the long-game… together.
This isn’t easy, that’s why most insurance agents don’t invest the time or energy to put a program like RogueRisk365® together.
But then, we’re not most agents.
If this sounds like kind of relationship you’re looking for, then we’d love to work with you.
Thank you,
Ryan Hanley
Founder and President at Rogue Risk

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