How To Win The Workers Compensation Cost Game For Your Business

This post will explain why you overpay for your workers’ compensation insurance.

Most insurance agents would never consider sharing this information with you.

There are winners and losers in the worker’s comp cost game.

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Business Insurance is confusing, time-consuming, and costly.

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What Does Winning Be Workers Compensation Cost Game?

Winning the worker’s compensation cost game means turning your insurance program into a competitive advantage.

Winners get the right insurance coverage for the right price. This does this by:

Depending on your company’s unique needs and situation, there is even more than can be done if necessary.

At Rogue Risk, we help companies win the worker’s comp cost game through our proprietary process, RogueRisk365.

How to Win the Workers Comp Cost Game

As mentioned above, at Rogue Risk, we are a different kind of insurance agency. We focus specifically on workers’ compensation insurance.

And while we write all lines, our expertise is workers comp if we can help you take control of your insurance program.

This is where you control the premiums and can drive them lower and see drastic savings and improvements, not just in what you’re paying out but indirect costs.

Some companies win the insurance game, and some companies lose the insurance game. And unfortunately, far too many organizations are losing the insurance game.

There are three things that winners do differently:

They Don’t Bid Out Their Insurance to Multiple Brokers Every Year

Companies that lose the insurance cost game bid out their insurance every couple of years to multiple brokers.

At face value getting quotes from different brokers is a good idea. Unfortunately, all it does is push your rates up.

I know that sounds counterintuitive, but the idea here is that multiple brokers on an account mean no one has explicit control or leverage on that account. So underwriters are not pressured to bring premiums down because all they know, all they need to be, is $1 below what you’re paying today, and you will make that switch or stay where you are.

In either scenario, digging in, really trying to get at the meat of a policy and bring those premiums down, is not in the underwriter’s best interest.

Find one agent who will work for you and stick to that agent. If you don’t trust your agent to do that, get a new agent.

They Work With an Agent Who Understands the Total Cost of the Risk

Most insurance agents do not have the depth of knowledge in workers’ compensation, nor do they desire to work with you and your business on a level that addresses your total cost of risk.

Most insurance agents are trying to wedge their way into your account with simple sales scripts and empty promises. These agents sell on price,  and I hope you make the switch.

If they do this enough times, they’ll write enough business to hit their numbers.

This process is not in your best interest; that’s what’s in your best interest.

The solution? You can find an agent who will address your total cost of risk.

You need an agent that will look at your program and bring the premiums down based on the hard work of thinking about your business, not just bidding out to multiple carriers. The truth is that we all have access to the same pages.

If your agent doesn’t have access to all the workers’ comp carriers in your state, they probably aren’t a workers’ comp expert, to begin with.

Work with an agent, one agent you trust, and make sure that the agent addresses your total cost of risk.

Things will get better.


Reducing Your Insurance Premiums Is Only The Beginning


Our proprietary, RogueRisk365® program puts you in a position to “Win” the insurance game.

By focusing not just on reducing insurance premiums but on the Total Cost of Risk, our clients create a sustainable safety culture that cuts costs and frees up cash flow that belongs in their bank account, not with an insurance company. Here are a few of our services:

  • Experience Mod Audit
  • Market Analysis & Placement
  • Premium Audit Review
  • 24/7 HR Hotline
  • Handbook & Document Building
  • e-Learning Platform
  • 24/7 Injury Nurse Triage Hotline

Learn More About RogueRisk365 Today

Their Insurance Agent Doesn’t Have Commission Breath

Do you understand how insurance agents are paid?

How insurance agents are paid can be a significant problem for you and your business. Insurance agents get paid a commission based on where they place their business.

Rogue Risk is no different.

However, agents simply bidding your insurance out are not incentivized to place your insurance with the suitable carrier or even the cheapest carrier, but rather whoever is a little less expensive than what you’re paying now.

This is especially true with worker’s comp insurance because insurance carriers pay the lowest commission percentage on worker’s comp policies.

This retains your business while maximizing its revenue from your account.

It reduces their incentive to dig into things like your experience mod, RPMs, and safety programs (where actual savings come from).

You could have a good experience, mod. You could be below 1.00 and think at face value that that company was doing incredibly well.

It’s not that they were doing poorly. Still, it’s not the minimum legal Experience Mod, which means there are 20 to 30 percent savings available if you do some more work and build more systems and processes into their worker’s compensation program.

The Rub

This is how we operate here at Rogue. Our goal is to help you win the insurance game. That is entirely different than what you’ve experienced before with your insurance program.

You may not even believe half of what I’m saying, that’s okay; our clients do; they see it. But my friends, this is the experience you should be getting, mainly from your worker’s compensation insurance agent relationship.

All the other lines are essential, and there are places that you can save in all of them, but the most drastic impact to your business, both from a direct and indirect cost standpoint, comes from worker’s comp, and you should be winning that game.

Workers’ compensation is what we do here at Rogue Risk.

If your current insurance professional has never addressed issues such as total cost of risk or return-to-work programs with you, I encourage you to contact us today.

I'm excited to introduce you to a new viewing of your insurance program.

Thank you,

Ryan Hanley

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