Nationwide Small Business Insurance Review

Nationwide Insurance is one of the largest and most well-known commercial insurance companies in the United States.

Here is Nationwide in their own words:

"Nationwide provides extraordinary care during extraordinary times, serving over half a million small businesses like yours across the nation. Nationwide offers a customized variety of commercial insurance products for companies both big and small. With coverage ranging from workers’ compensation to commercial auto insurance, commercial agribusiness insurance and more, we can provide the business solutions you need to run smoothly."

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Nationwide Small Business Insurance Review

Is Nationwide Insurance the right small business insurance carrier for you?

This article (and video) provide a full review of Nationwide Insurance's small business coverage.

Let's break down Nationwide Insurance. Nationwide is a national company that has been around for a long time.

Nationwide has a widespread distribution and are one of the largest small business insurance carriers in the entire country. They have a wide breadth of products, and they have a wide appetite, which means that they take in a lot of different risks from a lot of different parts of the country, and they have a lot of products to service those needs.

In that way, Nationwide Insurance is a very good company to place your commercial insurance.

Which Businesses Should Use Nationwide Insurance?

Nationwide is not perfect for everybody.  However, Nationwide is a good fit specifically if your business operates on Main Street. Think bakeries, retail shops, things like shoe stores, and pizza shops.

They do a lot of contractors, kind of Main Street, small business, every-town-America-type businesses. Those businesses are going to do incredibly well with Nationwide.

The write general liability, workers' comp, and they're going to be able to package in commercial auto, which is very nice and a commercial umbrella.

Those four coverages are the main four coverages most small businesses need to consider first, before they look into things like cyber insurance, maybe directors and officers insurance, maybe professional liability.

Nationwide can handle all of those coverages, which is nice. It doesn't mean every one of those coverages should or is right for your business if placed through Nationwide.

But it does mean that if you can get two, three, or four of your insurance policies that you need with one company, just the convenience of dealing with one company, i.e. billing, claims, etc..

Having one claims adjuster with one company, adjudicating your claim versus having multiple adjusters have to come in for multiple different carriers, because maybe your general liability with one company and your umbrella, your auto is with another, those situations can get a little messy.

The Rub

So it is highly advantageous when working with a company like Nationwide Insurance, that you have as many of your policies as you can with that one company, because it makes everything easier, everything more convenient.

You should have no concerns with a financial rating. They're an A-rated company.

You're not going to have any real problems with getting coverage where you are. You're not going to have any problems with the response time from claims adjusters.

So if you have a Nationwide policy, if you're looking for commercial insurance and the agent or broker that you're working with is recommending Nationwide, I think you're in a very good place.

You should not be concerned. If that policy meets your needs from a pricing and coverage perspective, you should not question working with Nationwide.

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