GEICO Business Insurance: What You Need To Know

If you’re considering Geico business insurance, this is the review you want to watch first.

Geico is known for two things, cheap car insurance, and funny commercials. Even as an insurance agent, I’ve always found their commercials funny.

That said, offering cheap car insurance does not mean you’re good at business insurance.

Here’s what you need to know about GEICO business insurance…

Business Insurance is confusing, time-consuming, and costly.

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GEICO Business Insurance Review

First things first, when you “Buy” business insurance from GEICO you’re not actually buying insurance from GEICO, instead, you’re buying insurance from a completely different company that GEICO has affiliated with to offer business insurance.

Essentially, they’re brokering business insurance for other carriers. Essentially, they are acting like an insurance agent.

This doesn’t mean that using GEICO for your business insurance is wrong, just that you’re getting Travelers or another carrier, not GEICO.

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Who Should Use GEICO Business Insurance

If you are the type of person who likes to DIY (Do-it-yourself) your business insurance, prefer a call center, or if working exclusively online feels easier, then GEICO business insurance might be the right solution.

Some business owners feel pressure talking to an insurance agent. Some agents will use pressure sales tactics on business owners, that’s not how we operate here at Rogue Risk.

Remember that when you purchase business insurance through GEICO all insurance decisions are on you. Unlike working with an agency, you’re not getting highly skilled, focused advice on your business insurance.

DIYing your business insurance creates opportunities for gaps in coverage.

Cons to GEICO Business Insurance

Gaps in insurance coverage are a problem. You run a business; your business is your life, it’s how you make money, if you have employees, it’s how you put money into their pockets.

You’re serving a community, whether it’s an online community, an international community, or it’s a local hometown that you grew up in. Gaps in coverage create opportunities for you to lose that business.

This isn’t meant to be a scare tactic; providing a foundation for you to grow your business is the purpose of commercial insurance.

When you have your worst day, your business gets to keep going.

The Rub

You can undoubtedly use GEICO to find perfectly fine business insurance.

That being said, we recommend finding an agent you can trust. That’s the key. Find someone you trust.

If you trust GEICO, then go to them for your business insurance.

But I highly recommend finding a human, a person, a company, or an agency. It can be an agency in your backyard or an agency like ours that deals with business owners across the country.

We’re based in upstate New York, we work with many businesses in New York State, but we also write throughout the country.

Whoever you trust, trust that person and let them do their job. Let them advise you, and you’re more than likely to find a better business insurance program.

At Rogue Risk, we do business insurance every day.

If what I’ve outlined above sounds like the type of insurance program and agent relationship you’d like to have for your business, please reach out to us:

I look forward to introducing you to a new viewing of your insurance program.

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Ryan Hanley

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