Coterie Business Insurance Review

Coterie Insurance is one of the easy-to-use and fastest-growing commercial insurance companies in the United States.

We love Coterie Insurance at Rogue Risk because they make small business insurance easy for our clients. They're not the right fit for every business, but Coterie does a great job for the clients that fit their appetites and coverage options.

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Coterie Insurance Review


Considering Coterie Insurance for your commercial insurance needs? Here's everything you need to know before you purchase.

Coterie Insurance is a relatively new carrier to the marketplace, launching in 2018. Coterie Insurance has explicitly focused on the small business space, and its expertise is the micro insurance base.

"Microinsurance" is a relative term, so please don't take offense if you ultimately fall into that category (It's an insurance industry term, not an indictment of the quality of the business).

We're talking about types of small businesses: Consultancies, small office risks, and businesses with five employees, which in the insurance market is classified as micro.

That doesn't mean anything over the quality of the business.

Coterie Specializes in Small Business Insurance

What Coterie Insurance does really well helps smaller businesses, start-up businesses, and consultancies that need to add on professional liability onto their general liability or Business Owner's Policy.

You can do this in a very easy manner, very straightforward, with quality pricing.

Coterie Insurance is making small and startup business insurance incredibly easy.

They're very, very easy to deal with.

This is one of the reasons that we work with them here at Rogue Risk.

We recommend them to a lot of our clients, particularly the people who've per COVID have gone into remote work or are gone into a consulting role, where now maybe they're doing marketing consulting, or video production consulting, or HR consulting, strategy consulting, recruiting these types of kind of at home, or perhaps you're working out of a co-working space office consultancy, digital consultancy type businesses, are perfect for Coterie Insurance.

I'm not trying to pigeonhole Coterie (as they do have a broad appetite), I'm just giving you an idea of where they knock it out of the park versus the competition.

Coterie Insurance Service & Claims

From an audit and claims perspective, Coterie is very easy to deal with as a client or agent.

Also, from a pricing perspective, Coterie is incredibly well-priced. From claims handling perspective, we've never had a problem.

So if you're choosing Coterie, we recommend them here at Rogue Risk. We have a lot of clients who we've placed with Coterie Insurance. Suppose your insurance agent is pushing Coterie across the table and saying, maybe digitally, across the digital table to you to recommend it. In that case, I think you're going to do just fine.

This isn't to say that Coterie Insurance is right for everyone. That is certainly not the case. No insurance company is right for everyone.

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The Rub

We have nothing bad to say about Coterie Insurance. They are a high-quality, small business insurance carrier for consulting or office space-type companies.

That all being said, if this is the kind of relationship you'd like out of your insurance professional, we would love to work with you.

Our mission here at Rogue Risk is to be open and transparent and over-communicate with our clients. We want you to be able to understand what you're purchasing. And if that means something to you, we'd love to work with you. 

We're small business insurance specialists who can help you navigate the insurance market and ensure you have coverage without being overcharged.

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