Why You Need Contractors Errors & Omissions Insurance

Contractors Errors & Omissions Insurance provides coverage for some common risks that are NOT covered under a standard commercial general liability policy.

Commercial general liability is coverage most contractors think about when it comes to their commercial insurance.

However, there are three common claims NOT covered by general liability that require Contractors E&O Insurance to ensure you’re not paying damages out of pocket.

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Contractors’ Errors & Omissions Insurance

Here are three common claims that are picked up by your Contractors’ E&O insurance that will not be picked up by a commercial general liability policy.

1) Failure to Deliver on Promised Services

If you don’t deliver on promised services, say you build a house and it lacks a room or you just don’t end up getting to the work or the job is overly delayed and causes damages, this can trigger a claim against your business.

2) Negligence in Providing Professional Services

The word “negligence” can be nebulous, but what this is basically talking about is your client asks you for advice, you provide advice, the client takes that advice and there is a resulting claim.

3) Poor, Incorrect, or Incomplete Work.

If your work product is poorly done, a wall collapses or some other aspect of the work is incorrect or incomplete, that’s not going to be picked up by your commercial general liability (CGL).

CGL is mostly for slips, trips and falls on the job.

The Rub

There’s a very good chance if you’re watching this video, you’ve never had Contractors Errors & Omissions insurance described to you before in this way.

That’s what we do here at Rogue Risk.

We present you with knowledge. We try to educate our clients and prospects, even people who don’t do business with us in an effort to help them make the right decision for their business.

If your current insurance professional has never addressed these issues with you before, then I’d encourage you to reach out to us at Rogue Risk, today.

I hope this article helped you better understand the contractor’s insurance.

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