Construction Insurance: 3 Steps to Reduce Slip & Fall Claims

The key to reducing the cost of construction insurance is reducing the frequency and severity of claims. 

Slip and fall claims are among the most common insurance claims construction companies experience. 

This article (and the video below) breaks down a few easy ways to reduce slip and fall claims on your construction insurance.


3 Steps to Reduce Slip & Fall Claims

We share three easy steps with all our construction clients that, if followed, will drastically reduce the number of slip and fall claims they experience every year.

Identify potential fall risks

Step number one is understanding and identifying where potential slip and fall injuries can happen on your construction site.

Here is a list of the some of the most common construction site considerations:

  • Scaffolding
  • Ledges
  • Ladders
  • Walking-working surfaces
  • Equipment (such as lifts and other machinery)
  • Open or uneven ground

Use Proper Equipment for the Job

The use of proper equipment on your construction site can make or break whether or not you have a slip and fall injury. 

We highly recommend our clients consider the following:

  • Personal fall arrest system
  • Guard rails and perimeter fence
  • Lifting equipment (i.e., aerial lifts, ladders, and box trucks)
  • Warning systems
  • Safety netting

Train Employees on Using the Right Equipment

It is vital that your employees understand how to properly use construction equipment and tools, following safe work practices.

  • Inspection and use of personal fall arrest systems and equipment
  • Who is in charge of the worksite
  • Emergency response if someone falls
  • Fall hazards of the worksite and how to prevent them

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The Rub

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