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Everything you need to know about AirBnB insurance to protect your property and income

At Rogue Risk, we help AirBnb Hosts “Win” the insurance game by not just reducing their insurance premiums, but the Total Cost of Risk.

Our proprietary AirBnB insurance program will help you free up cash flow that can back into your pocket or your next AirBnb property.

NOTE: If you are NOT currently working with Rogue Risk please do not assume you have coverage for AirBnB rentals. Many insurance companies still exclude AirBnB rentals from coverage.

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AirBnB Insurance FAQ

What is AirBnB Host Protection Insurance?

Airbnb Host Protection Insurance acts as the primary liability insurance coverage during an AirBnb stay on property listed on and rented through AirBnB. 

What Does AirBnB Host Protection Insurance Cover?

Host Protection Insurance may cover:

  • Your legal responsibility for bodily injury to guests or others
  • Your legal responsibility for damage to property belonging to guests or others
  • Your legal responsibility for damage to common areas, like building lobbies and neighboring properties, caused by a guest or others
Does AirBnB Provide Insurance Coverage?

Yes. AirBnB has their own insurance program called Host Protection Insurance. AirBnB Host Protection Insurance may provide third-party liability coverage up to $1,000,000 in damage.

Does AirBnB Insurance Replace My Homeowners' Insurance?

No. AirBnB insurance absolutely does NOT replace your homeowners insurance. Host Protection Insurance is liability only coverage and pays for damages in very specific circumstances. Homeowners' insurance provides much broader liability coverage as well as property coverage and potentially loss of rents depending on the policy.

How Does AirBnB Home Insurance Work?

The proper AirBnB home insurance is a combination of coverage provided by the AirBnB Host Protection Insurance and the right standard homeowner's insurance carrier. By combing the two in the correct way you provide maximum protection for your home or rental property while NOT overpaying for coverage you do not need.

Is AirBnB Insurance Enough?

No. AirBnB insurance alone is NOT enough coverage to properly protect you as the property owner from a catastrophic accident. Think of AirBnB Host Protection Insurance as more of a bonus that may sit on top of your homeowners' or rental property insurance coverage.

Is AirBnB Insurance Available Now?

Yes. AirBnB Host Protection Insurance is now available in all 50 U.S. states. AirBnB insurance was rolled out automatically to all of the company’s U.S. listings starting on January 15th, 2015 and continues today.

AirBnB Insurance Carriers

We are very selective in the AirBnB insurance carriers we choose to partner with at Rogue Risk. Not all insurancee carriers are created equal. Our clients are placed with only the best homeowners and rental property insurance companies, that show up when there is a claim. Here are a few of the partner carriers we choose to place our clients with…

Safeco landlord insurance
Hartford workers comp insurance
Chubb workers comp
Hanover airbnb insurance
Guard insurance

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Not all insurance carriers want or even know how to cover AirBnB insurance rental properties. At Rogue Risk we’ve partnered with 15+ carriers that want to write AirBnB insurance and provide great coverage at an even better price.

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